Vocal Booth

This project entails the design and construction of a sonically isolated chamber in the client’s music production studio. Located in the loft of a split-level ranch with a cathedral ceiling, the client requested a very small room to be built, isolated with sound-dampening insulation and lined with studio-grade foam.


Once the size and location of the booth had been determined, the framing began. The floor was raised 2″ inside the booth to allow for a layer of soundproofing below, and the four walls were insulated (existing walls were re-insulated with soundproofing material) to maximize sonic isolation.Construction1

Following rough framing and the first layer of soundproofing, the location and opening size was determined for the communication window. As this room is sonically isolated, the window was designed to be as small and as tightly built as possible. Using 1×4 nominal pine stock and two layers of 1/8″ plexiglass, the window was custom built for this application and installed in place.


Once all the preliminary elements of the room were completed, the interior was lined with 2″ ‘Acoustic Eggcrate Foam.’ Pictured below is the finished interior and exterior following desk installation and the client’s setup for use.