Submerged is a pre-production prototype for a sculptural and functional fish-tank centerpiece. The client desired a beautiful centerpiece for a 100-gallon salt water aquarium that would be aesthetically interesting as well as usable by the inhabitants of the tank. In order to produce a functional centerpiece, our designers looked to nature for inspiration.Barnacle

The “titan acorn barnacle” was the basis for our research and development, as it naturally grows up to 3″ high and 1.5″ in diameter in some locations. In order to create a digitally designed centerpiece out of this naturally occurring form, we began by sculpting a variation of the titan acorn barnacle in 3D modeling software.


Layout and overall composition brought about the next round of questions. How large should the sculpture be? How many individual barnacles should comprise it? After experimenting with many different layouts and forms, the final form was determined by factoring in entry and exits for multiple fish, fish size and overall scale to the 100-gallon tank which housed it. The final product is a 3D printed pre-production prototype which would serve as a mold for the final product, which would be cast in a weighted plastic polymer.

Final Final2