Loft at 2A

The “Loft at 2A” is part of the regeneration of an old mill building in an abandoned industrial complex in the City of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Building A has been divided into five units via master planning schedule. Building A is a late 19th century brick structure with clear span wood roof trusses and elegant masonry detailing, which is to be left as is during interior remodeling.

Plans Unit 2A is a small studio apartment designed for a client with a specific need for book storage and request for a small studio workspace which can be opened for gallery-type viewing. The entryway and mudroom are created by the placement of a custom built shelving and bookcase system. The ground floor uses an open plan with movable walls to dictate between public and private spaces and, in some instances, to combine the two. Upstairs is the private living space for the tenant, separated by parchment paper panels to allow for light penetration while retaining privacy.